The profitability of a product has been basing on its benefit to the costumer, the design and on a high efficient production. Every time it takes different technologies from a great choice to manufacture industrial products. One of it is resistance welding. We are focused on this technology and its integration into different production processes. It requires experience and consistency to setup and run a production-process successfully. At the beginning of the process-planning experiences is needed primarily. Only basing on it choosing the best welding technology will be guaranteed. And when the planning is done and the production starts, it takes consistency to cover every detail and program every parameter properly.

Basing on a 25-years experience in every kind of resistance welding we would like to support you at every step of a project: at the planning of the welding technology, by designing of welding machines and jigs, while commissioning, as well as in trouble shooting and managing of quality issues.

prozesspro - professional management of extensive processes


  • projection welding machines
  • projection welding jigs
  • clamping fixtures
  • automatically feeding
  • support at acceptances
  • setup of welding parameters
  • adjust monitoring systems
  • initial production assistance
Project management
  • technology guidance
  • vendor selection
  • technical management
  • progress control
Trouble Shooting
  • machine services
  • root-cause analysis
  • processing of complaints
  • retrofitting

Process and technologies


Everywhere, but especially in vehicle manufacturing the requirements are increasing. The risks and costs of claims management are demanding a 100% quality of every welded spot. The key of success is facing the wide range of parameters and set these up to a reliable level.

We parametrize and optimize welding controls and -processes.


Projection welding

Using this technology needs to respect that material, geometry and surface of the parts effect the welding process. The reliability of the weld is depending on design and shape of the projections. Because every application is different, it takes experience to cover all influences to the process.

We assist to design the parts properly and support you, if quality issues occur.


CD-welding is a special projection welding technology. Basing on its certain features it is able to improve the joining of lot of different welding applications. A design fitting to CD-welding will combine reliability and economic feasibility. Because the technology is simple it is easy to control.

We configure application by experience of more then 250 projects.


This slogan stands for a increasing section of automotive body in white manufacturing. Plates of high strength steel will be heated and in one stroke pressed and hardened to strong parts. Because of the typical tolerances and isolating surfaces, for projection welding of fasteners and spot welding it causes a lot of challenges.

We support by our experience and help to avoid needless costs.


Quality and labor-costs are forcing the automated feeding of parts to the welding jigs. For fasteners a lot of solution are available. Much more interesting are economical applications to pick and handle sheet metal parts. Using camera systems, 3D-scanner and bin-picking robots became much more interesting.

We advice for working systems and show problems and risks.


Especially at resistance welding parts and their tolerances affect the quality of a welding joint always. The best strategy to manage quality will be to install a production which is able to cover all small and so called normal process and part variations. Then gross errors could be detected easily by simple sensors.

We explain important designing rules and use these consequently.

Projection welding innovative